Home Decoration



At Paula Herrera, LLC, our decorating philosophy is that your home should be thought of as a living, breathing element that must periodically evolve to meet current needs. Our decorating services bring new life and a breath of fresh air to a space. Just as most people would never wear the same clothes or maintain the same hairstyle their entire lives, home décor should never be frozen in time.


We help you make your home aesthetically pleasing by:

  • Working closely with you to help you articulate and refine your decorating vision and goals.
  • Analyzing your interior setting (use of space, flow, architectural style, wall colors, lighting).
  • Creating a sense of balance and optimizing flow through the best configuration of each room.
  • Incorporating the best of the latest design trends while striving for a timeless appeal.
  • Upgrading furniture (including customizing furniture).
  • Creating change through thoughtfully-selected accessories.
  • Working with color palettes that revitalize your home.


Your home should be a reflection of your personal style and attitude towards life.