Home Definition

Space definition


Many homes suffer from boring “cookie cutter” sameness. Home definition is the art of individualizing and developing personality in your home. Paula Herrera, LLC, can take your home from blah to bravo by showing you how to look at your home from the inside out, to recognize its strengths and weaknesses, and to learn how to make changes that create more personality and energy in your home.  Redefine, redesign, and remodel your home interior and give it more character by surrounding yourself with furnishing, accessories, art, and colors that express your unique style.


Home definition distinguishes your home from the crowd. By decorating and arranging furniture to enhance the configuration of the rooms and providing professional design advice, Paula Herrera, LLC, defines and adds value to your home and creates a unique, functional environment that enriches your lifestyle.


We help create distinction and character in your home by:

    • Working closely with you to help you define the desired personality of your home.
    • Creating character through redesign of interior spaces.
    • Using colors and surface finishes that create interest (Venetian plaster, faux finishes, wallpaper, and others).
    • Redefine spaces through architectural details (changing walls, adding moldings, using built-ins, etc.).


Take your house from blah to bravo.