Home Move Out

Paula Herrera, LLC, can advise you on preparing and planning for your next move. Our services include helping you determine what is essential to keep and can encompass donating and selling objects to arranging for long-term storage.


We start by assessing the floor plan of your next residence, then take an inventory of your current possessions and furnishings so only the items you love and need will be packed and moved to your new space. This downsizing and de-cluttering prepares your home to be staged for its maximum selling potential and means that your moving expenses will be smaller as you have less to move.


While we don’t do the actual packing ourselves, we can oversee the process and be there for the moving company.


Streamlining unnecessary possessions can be a literally freeing experience that will pave the way for a lighter, less stressful move… and lead to a more successfully-staged house.