Home Therapy

“Customizing a prescription that works with your personality”




Your home environment influences your happiness, productivity, and mood. To create a healthy and positive living environment, Paula Herrera, LLC, starts by analyzing your existing furnishings and the natural character of your home. We work with you to clarify and define your lifestyle, and to understand the requirements and needs of your home. We also work with you to create solutions that lead to a more enjoyable, productive, and harmonious environment. We then customize a prescription that works with your personality, taste, and lifestyle in order to enhance the character, function, and beauty of your home.


Home therapy makes your home organized, calm, and harmonious by:

  • Working closely with you to help you discover where your house is creating conflicts.
  • Analyzing your interior setting (use of space, flow, architectural style, wall colors, lighting).
  • Creating balance and positive energy through the best configuration of each room.
  • Choosing furnishings and accents that nurture your unique goals and aspirations.
  • Using de-cluttering, deep-cleaning, and organizing to reenergize your space.
  • Selecting color palettes that improve mood and productivity.


Home therapy creates a home that works for you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.