Investment Property

Paula Herrera, LLC, works with numerous investors who buy properties with the intention of selling them quickly for a profit. When investors consult with us after purchasing a property, we advise them on the least – expensive renovations and improvements that will reap the most returns.  All of our design advice is made with an eye towards facilitating a quick sale. We also, understand that the longer a house sits on the market, the greater an investor’s costs.  We also, realize that most investors are budget-conscious.  Therefore, we offer a number of different services and options that create maximum impact at a minimum cost:

Managing the Fundamentals

    • Organize and coordinate minor repairs and interior updates, generally with an emphasis on kitchens and bathrooms, and working with an architect or structural engineer if necessary.
    • Material selection (flooring, countertops, lights, cabinetry, and others).
    • Organize and coordinate professional cleaning.

Staging (Rental Furniture and Accessories)

  • Light (Create “vignettes” to identify the purpose of the rooms and create an instant welcoming environment).
  • Medium (Use of vignettes and accessories, plus furnishing of key rooms).
  • Full (All of the above, plus furnishing of the entire house).