Model Home


Paula Herrera, LLC’s goal with model homes is to make a home irresistible to potential home buyers by creating a “wow” factor that helps developers seal the deal. We work closely with developers to understand their target demographic. Then we create and design interiors that maximize the home’s characteristics and features in order to create instant chemistry and lasting impressions with those buyers.


Our model home services include:


Furniture selection/placement (Using furniture to highlight and show each space to its best potential)

      • Built- ins: Use of doors, bookcases, shelves, room dividers, and others to delineate areas and create neater and more efficient spaces that enhance flow.
      • Movable Furniture: Selecting and designing furniture to add character to and define a space.
      • Custom designed/custom manufactured furniture: We have relationships with reputable furniture factories and can customize furniture in different materials, styles and finishes to provide something totally unique for your model home.


Staging (Renting and/or buying furniture and accessories)

    • Medium (Use of vignettes and accessories, plus furnishing of key rooms).
    • Full (All of the above, plus furnishing of the entire house).