New Home Move In

“A new house that is ready to use feels like home”



Paula Herrera, LLC, has extensive experience helping families relocate. Whether you are relocating internationally or just across town, we can eliminate all of the stress of a new move. We can pre-screen residences within the Washington, DC, metropolitan area to make sure that your new home is in perfect shape. We have the ability to receive household goods and do a total setup of your new home with the best-designed furniture arrangement so that you have absolutely no unpacking to do. Conversely, if you want to just bring your clothes and a toothbrush, we can arrange to lease or purchase all new furnishings and accessories.


Our turnkey services can extend to completely stocking your pantry and refrigerator and providing you with all the essentials you need to effortlessly start your new life. We can also provide you with critical insider tips and resources to help you quickly feel at home in your new environment.


Take all the stress out of moving for you and your family by moving effortlessly into a home that is already set up for you…. right down to the champagne chilling in the refrigerator.