Occupied Home

“Creating a path to a quicker sale”


Staging Consultations

Paula Herrera, LLC, will walk with you through your home, room by room, analyzing the flow of energy and balance of each room, and collaboratively explore how we can stage them to look their best. We guide you on how to de-clutter, depersonalize and organize your home by pointing out the furniture and objects that can distract a buyer’s attention, and make spaces feel as if they are crowded, too small, and lacking in energy.

We then submit a written document with our recommendations. At this point, you will have the basic knowledge to stage the home on your own…or you can retain our services for hands-on staging.


Hands-on Staging

Paula Herrera can elevate the consultative process by taking responsibility for more aspects of the staging project. We can handle and provide turnkey services for any particular facet of the staging process that may feel stressful or frustrating. For example, we can organize and manage minor repairs and professional cleaning.


Home Therapy Moving Services
We can ease your transition into your new place and help you set up your home. When we stage your home for sale, we can also advise you on preparing and planning for your next move.


Emotional Responses

“People buy primarily based on emotional responses.This explains why, when they fall in love with the house and visualize living there, that the buying decision comes rapidly. The less work they have to invest to make the house fit their lifestyle, the quicker the sale and the higher the offer. Simple as that”


Barbara Jennings.
The Academy of Staging and Redesign